Exacting Quality Standards

When it comes to production, having wonderful Sicilian produce at your fingertips is just the beginning. From there, Agrisicilia applies exacting standards to selecting the highest quality ingredients. We source our fruit from top local suppliers, known for delivering the most consistent quality. Over the years, we’ve developed long-term relationships with these local growers, which has allowed us to cultivate a consistent and reliable supply chain of the highest quality.

écorces d'agrumes

No Shortcuts or Compromises

Unlike many companies, Agrisicilia does not cut corners in our production process. That means
we do not use semi-finished products such as juice, concentrate, pulp or purée in our
production. We work only with fresh fruit, which is selected, cleaned and prepared by hand so
that only the best fruit ends up in our products. Moreover, our fruit is processed as soon as it is
picked so that the natural aromas, fragrances and flavors remain as close as possible to the
excellence that nature has provided.

Guaranteed Quality

Agrisicilia has established partnerships with a number of citrus fruit consortia in Sicily. We have the honor of being the first company in Italy to offer consumers jam and marmalade that not only meets exceptionally high standards, but whose quality has actually been certified and guaranteed by these consortia:

“Arancia Rossa di Sicilia I.G.P.” marmalade made with the famous Moro, Tarocco and Sanguinello blood oranges traditionally grown on the Plain of Catania.

  • “Arancia di Ribera D.O.P.” marmalade made with sweet Navel, Washington Navel and Brasiliano oranges that ripen early thanks to the mild climate and are traditionally grown in Ribera, in the Province of Agrigento.
  • “Limone di Siracusa I.G.P.” marmalade, made with the Femminello lemons traditionally grown in the Syracuse area.
  • So we can proudly say:
    Agrisicilia is the epitome of citrus fruit marmalade!



Unique flavours and combinations

Exceptional fruit and production standards are critical to the unique quality of Agrisicilia jam
and marmalade. But so, too, is the creativity that goes into our products We strive to offer our
consumers unique experiences by creating fruit combinations and flavors that are not only
imaginative but also sophisticated and downright spectacular.